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Hi, I'm Barry de Klerk

As a reputable graphic design and production professional qualified through education in User Experience, Graphic Design, and Multi-Media, I am an advertising, marketing, and technology expert with an intensive set of creative skills.

Over the last two decades, I have accumulated a record of success enhancing and designing responsive web and mobile interfaces in addition to my work in advertising and marketing.

I have worked with agencies such as Ogilvy, Red Quarter, and SYNC Communications as well as production houses MNET and my own De Klerk Productions. With great experience in leadership, project management, prototypes, wireframes, and more, I am known as a reliable worker and a strong team player.

This is what I do

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web and Graphic Design

User Experience

Defining the problem statement and then make it: Intuitive, allow Affordances, Accessibility, Learnability

Web Design

I use Adobe Creative Cloud and in particular, Illustrator, InDesign, Photohsop, Dreamweaver, XD, Acrobat and InVision to design.

Web Development

I develop mobile responsive templates using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Graphic Design

As a seasoned graphic designer that started off in advertising, I've advanced my communication canvas to digital.

My process: Define the problem statement

Here is an overview of how I approach each project.

Research & Ideation Sessions

  • Business objectives
  • Project objectives
  • Stakeholders
  • User personas
  • User task assessments
  • Competitor analysis
  • Define measurements

Lean UX Methodology

  • Concept
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • Learn
  • Iterate

UX Agile Methodology

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Iteration

Google Heart Framework

Measure UX in relation to:

  • Happiness
  • Engagement
  • Adoption
  • Retention
  • Task Success


Here are some examples of my work.


Here are more examples that I've worked on.

  • ALL
  • Branding
  • Graphic
  • UX and Web
Telkom Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom Request to Cancel Service Wireframes / Prototype
Merry Maids
Merry Maids Web Development
Telkom Self-Service Dashboard
Telkom Self-Service Dashboard
Telkom Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom LIT_ Mobile App Wireframe / Prototype
Telkom Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom App Payments Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom LIT_ Microsite
ChainMail Wireframes
Chain Mail Wireframes
Telkom Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom APP Wireframes / Prototype
Telkom Mobile Application
Telkom Mobile Application
TWI Language
TWI Language Branding and Collateral

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